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“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

Random Crappy iPhone Picture Roundup!!!

Hey, its time again for everyones favorite time of the week!
Random Crappy iPhone Picture Roundup!!!

Reka is prepping for her debate meet.

This makes me think of the photo RaggedRobin carries in the Invisibles

Not much to look but I had a fucking blast at this show

Traffic signal in the loop, I just like this shot.

Saw this while driving around during my Annual Panic Attack.

And finally my favorite St.Louis band Riddle of Steel is calling it quits at the end of next month. I’m sick of this crap happening if you want to know the truth. That basically leaves us with The Helium Tapes, The Pat Sajak Assassins, Dub Kitchen & So many Dynamos/ThorAxe in the local kick ass rock band category. And before I get some pissy comments, I’m sure your band or your friends band kicks ass too, I just dont know you yet. So get with it and tell me who to raise the Satans Salute at while intoxicated when Riddle of Steel finally gives up the ghost.


One Response to “Random Crappy iPhone Picture Roundup!!!”

  1. I’m prepping my thong and your bass for the next big “kick ass sock band of st. louis”. And yes, the sock part is where I stuff the front of my thong with a sock. It’s mostly just to protect the back side of your bass…

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