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“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

R.I.P. Riddle of Steel

So Saint Louis’ own Riddle of Steel have finally called it quits. After a nearly ten year run of rocking out across the world they apparantly now would like to have normal lives and make money or something. I’m not going to even try to think this is ok. My opinion doesn’t matter at all, but I really think they were doing their finest work to date. I could go on and on about their great blend of heavy rock and pop sensibilities and Andrews unique and strong voice or Jimmy’s perfect locked in groove with Rob’s awesome animal like drumming, but it would just make me sad. I really have to credit these guys with reviving my interest in rock after about a ten year disregard of the entire genre. Walked in  on an instore performance at Vintage Vinyl one day and stayed around for the whole show.

These crappy phonecam shots don’t do the show at the Bluebird any justice but thems is the breaks.
Oh yeah, Traindodge, Roma 79, and Shameclub opened.


One Response to “R.I.P. Riddle of Steel”

  1. My good man,
    You’ve offered some awfully kind words for us here. It means a lot. With any luck, one of us, or all of us (seperately) will have something new in the works within a year or so. Hard to tell, because as you say, “we would like to live normal lives and make money.” There’s some truth to that for sure. Time will reveal just how appealing that will be for the three of us. Thanks again man.


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