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Israel/Gaza Strip…….More Information = Less Confusion?

Things in Israel are getting worse by the day. As I read and view more information I’m both less and more confused by this attack continuing. It must be obvious that this “war” is a blatant extermination of women and children.
The Gaza Strip is roughly 6 miles wide and 24 miles long with a population of nearly 1.4 million. That puts the population at about 10,000 people per square mile. The Israeli Army is lobbing tank, mortar, and rocket fire into this insanely dense city in order to take out individual Hamas fighters who they say are attacking them.
That is seriously fucked up.
This would be as if there were people with rocket launchers in Manhattan firing out onto ships in the harbor and the army just started shooting back into the city in the area of the origin of the rocket fire. Even though the person firing the rocket would have obviously moved to a different location immediately after firing, leaving only innocent local residents to receive the retaliation. Say what you will about complicity of residents allowing Hamas fighters to use their rooftops to fire from, but if someone with a gun and a rocket launcher wanted to use my roof to shoot from I’m pretty sure I wouldnt have a choice.
Who does have a choice is Israel.
They can either be assumed to be lazy or evil in their current attack on Gaza, and I’m not sure which is worse.

Lots of rhetoric and some odd bit about a park, but I think this Galloway dude has some good points.


2 Responses to “Israel/Gaza Strip…….More Information = Less Confusion?”

  1. Gaza was originally part of Palestine.

    Of course, Hamas are not right to send rockets into the land now occupied by the Israelis but equally the illegal blockade by the Israelis has been unlawful and now these viscious attacks cannot be justified in any way shape or form.

    The Israelis are committing war crimes and should be stopped.

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    • Well, I thought that the Hamas were firing from Gaza not into it. (?) I am of the mind that there is never any justification for firing into populated civilian areas. The Israeli defense force is supposed to be the fourth strongest in the world, and therefore their self-defense excuse for killing so many women and children is pretty bogus. They should be able to handle their war effort with more tact and precision, yet they seem to just be on an extermination mission. They are using their strategic location to force Britain & the US into turning a blind eye. Too many career politicians afraid to speak up and possibly sour relations with their military partner in the mideast. A truly sad and pathetic situation I hope becomes resolved soon to save innocent lives just trying to exist in an already tough position.

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