The Mesmertronologues
“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

February needs to slow it’s roll methinks…..

First off I want everyone to drink a little more and rock a little harder to take up the slack left by JohnnyVega$ who will be out of the game for a little bit while he recuperates from an apparently serious car wreck. I barely know the dude but he always has a big smile and a good attitude whenever our paths cross so he’s ok in my book. Here’s hoping those bones knit up quick dude!
Last night was the Rats&People and PatSajakAssassins film score night at Off Broadway and it was supremely awesome. I know I’m a broken record when it comes to repeating how slept on most St.Louis bands are but for fucks sake these folks are amazing!
It was also “Boner Generator” Peet’s (see photo below) birthday. He’s now sixteen so ladies look out on the roads.
Look! A bunch of random crappy photos……


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