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My 1964(?) Schwinn LeTour is now a single speed

I got this bike from Eric of Backside bags when I gave him a ride home once. He had passed out from low sugar while riding home and his billion dollar cannondale lefty was in the shop. I rode this thing as it was, after a cleanup, for a year or so till I bought a Surly Steamroller and decided I could finally lighten it’s load and make it a single-speed. I don’t think I ever even took a picture of it before I started tweaking it but I think it turned out well enough. The frame is good and scratched up and the rims don’t match but I love the size of it and how sturdy it feels without all the extra gearings.

Well I thought my bike was a Chicago made 1964 until I went to this Harris Cyclery site which made me think it was a 1956 or something, but then I looked again at this Site and it makes more sense that it would be from 1964. Although I did find THIS as well, and it looks exactly like mine did when I got it.

The Serial is E425406 if there are any Schwinn super sleuths reading this….


2 Responses to “My 1964(?) Schwinn LeTour is now a single speed”

  1. Hi – I have almost the same bike, (not modified). The head badge on mine says Schwinn Approved and JAPAN, and a site of serial numbers mentioned that Japan-made bikes
    have a letter and a #, OR, a # and a letter, followed by five digits.

    So that makes mine that looks exactly like yours APRIL 1974. D423981.

    I found the 1964 info too, but my gut says this bike is in too good-a shape to be 60’s vintage.

    • Yeah, I kinda agree with you on the 64 versus 74 age. I sold that to a friend a few months ago, but rode it just recently and thought it felt a little light compared to other bikes from the 60’s. Granted there’s not much extra on it but, still feels lighter and less stiff that older bikes.

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