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“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

R.I.P Grade School Alma-Mater!

Saw on the news that my grade school, Mallinckrodt A.B.I may get the axe.
I still have dreams/nightmares about that place.
Not that it was a bad school really, but their idea of a “gifted program” was to put me in an empty classroom with a bunch of workbooks and let me complete as many as i could. When I finished a section of them I could go to the library and grab whatever books I wanted, which most often were Choose Your Own Adventure books.
Anyway, I think my parents bought their home in that neighborhood in the mid to late 70’s for about a quarter of what the houses are going for now. Makes you wonder what will become of the school building if their funding is cut and the school gets shuttered. It would make a great location for insanely priced condos, and the land is big enough to create about a dozen new homes. Not that there’s a local alderman or something that would benefit greatly if this happened or anything but it is something to think about if you are given to conspiracy speculation.
And given the way the US economy is going we don’t need to spend any more money on American children that won’t even have jobs available to them anyway. They can pretty much teach themselves to be jobless, it’s not that hard to do.
Hey, I’m self taught and it worked for me!


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