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The Grey Ghost Is Alive!

Finally, I’ve got this guy back on the streets. Thanks to the dudes at The HUB bike shop out in Webster for building me a solid rear end. I highly reccomend those cats, they are super helpful & knowledgable, and not flaming douchebags like the owner of an unnamed bike shop near TowerGrove park. They built me a pretty nice looking budget rear wheel. It’s got an AllCity hub laced to a Weinmann rim with some black spokes that I never got the name of due to my complete lack of concern. Bottom line is that it looks pretty tits. And Mark at Fort Heinrich fully came through by hooking me up with a vintage lockring for the Surly cog I had to buy today since I completely forgot to order one when I placed the order for the wheel.
I took my 85′ Schwinn Prelude and stripped it to the bones then coated it with a few sprays of clearcoat, then hit it with a reflective spraypaint that seems to be a bit spotty. I think I’m going to have to coat it a few more times and shake the can like a maniac before I get a solid coating since the little glass balls sit at the bottom of the can and don’t want to come out.
Anyway I’m really happy I sold my Steamroller to fund the rebuild of this bike. So far it’s riding smooth and making for the happy!


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