The Mesmertronologues
“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

OLD St.Louis Photos

I used to work at a Kankos copy joint. Used to constantly make extras for my personal drawer of crazy stuff folks brought in. Gonna try to dig through the hundreds of old scans and start posting stuff. Anyway a dude came in with this huge leather bound book full of photos used for census and sanitation stuff back when. Here’s some of the goodies.


2 Responses to “OLD St.Louis Photos”

  1. Kevin-Are there dates on these pictures? Do you have more? I would love to see them. As would the Missouri Historical Society or the St. Louis Geneology Society.

    • These were old scans off an unmarked disk I found. So I really have no more info other than what I can dredge from my shoddy memory. I may have more somewhere buried in the many piles of papers in the basement and or a friend says he may have some as well. I remember giving him stacks of extras from when I worked at the copy shop too. The photos came from the same guy that would bring in Bereavement Photos of dead children and loved ones from the late 1800’s. I know I didn’t throw those away either, but also have no idea where they are.

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