The Mesmertronologues
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Holy Shit! Something Useful on SpaceGhetto

Listing of plurals of animals.

And another one

alligators: congregation
antelope: herd
ants: nest, army, colony, swarm
apes: troop, shrewdness
asses: pace, herd, drove
baboons: troop
badgers: cete
bears: sloth, sleuth
beavers: family, colony
bees: grist, swarm, nest, hive
boars: sounder, singular
buffalo: herd, troop, gang, obstinancy
butterflies: flutter
buzzards: wake
camels: train, caravan, flock
caribou: herd
cats: clowder, cluster, glaring, pounce
caterpillars: army
cattle: drove, herd
chickens: brood, peep
cockroaches: intrusion
cormorants: gulp
cows: kine
crocodiles: bask, float
crows: murder
deer: herd
dogs: pack
doves: arc, dule, flight, pitying
ducks: paddling, flock, raft
eagles: aerie, convocation
eels: bed, swarm
elephants: herd, memory
elks: gang, herd
emus: mob
ferrets: business
finches: charm
fish: school, shoal, haul, catch
flamingos: stand, flamboyance
flies: swarm, cloud, business
foxes: leash, skulk, troop
frogs: army

geese: gaggle, skein
giraffes: herd, corps, tower
gnats: swarm, cloud, horde
goats: flock, herd, tribe, trip
goldfish: troubling
gorillas: band, troop
grasshoppers: cloud
gulls: colony
hares: down, husk
hawks: boil, cast, kettle
herons: sedge, siege
hippos: bloat
horses: herd, band, string, team, stable
hounds: mute, brace, pack
hyenas: cackle
jays: band, party, scold
jellyfish: smack, brood
kangaroo: mob, herd, troop
larks: exaltation
leopards: leap
lions: pride
lizards: lounge
mice: nest
moles: labor
monkeys: barrel
moose: herd
mules: barren, span
otters: romp
oxen: team, yoke, drove
owls: parliament
oysters: bed
parrots: company, pandemonium
peacocks: ostentation, pride
pelicans: pod
penguins: rookery, colony
pheasants: bouquet, nye
pigs: drift, drove, sounder
porcupines: prickle
porpoises: school, crowd, shoal
prairie dogs: coterie
quail: bevy, covey
rabbits: nest, warren
raccoons: gaze
rattlesnakes: rhumba
ravens: unkindness
rhinoceroses: crash
sardines: family
seabirds: wreck
seals: pod, rookery
sharks: school, shoal

sheep: flock, pack, hurtle
snakes: bed, knot, den, pit
sparrows: host
spiders: clutter
squirrels: dray, scurry
starlings: chattering, murmuration
storks: mustering
swallows: flight
swans: bevy, herd, bank, wedge, flight
swine: sounder, drift, herd
tigers: ambush, streak
toads: nest, knot
trout: hover
turkeys: rafter
turtles: bale, dole
walruses: pod, herd
weasels: pack, colony
whales: school, pod, mob, gam
wolves: pack, rout
wombats: wisdom
woodpeckers: descent
zebras: herd, zeal


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