The Mesmertronologues
“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

Spicelab – A Day On Our Planet

Ok, I’ll admit I listened to a bunch of trance back in the day. But honestly I just kept thinking I’d find something else I liked as much as this album by Spicelab. Nothing ever sounded this good within this genre. I still rock this shit sometimes and tear around the city after dark on my bike as fast as I can ride. Good dangerous fun.

Ok, yeah this track is good too

Oh shit yeah, forgot about MetalMasters!


2 Responses to “Spicelab – A Day On Our Planet”

  1. I need to burn you off my DJ Tron tapes…

  2. used to have some honkin huge 6 tape set of Tron stuff that JP let me borrow. no freaking idea what happened to it though. not in the monster iTunes folder anywhere.

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