The Mesmertronologues
“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)


Some asshat stole the catalytic converter off my truck last night while we were seeing a band. The truck was parked right behind our house. So either this was a crazy coincidence or our shitbag neighbors waited until we left and stole a fucking part off my truck! Who does that? How pathetic is your existence that you wait around until your neighbor leaves for a couple hours to steal the muffler off his work truck?
This city is nosediving fast with all the random violence and crime that’s happening. I forsee a time when this city becomes only a place inhabited by criminals feeding off each other until they kill enough of themselves to be actually handled by our seemingly ineffectual police department.
The argument can be made, and very easily, that there are no jobs available and therefore they have no recourse but to scavenge like vermin. But fuck! At least rob someone who has some money. I’m pretty poor and that truck is a tool I use to make money. This on top of getting about half my tools stolen from my house last year really makes me question my loyalty to the city.
End of rant.



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