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“Saint Louis gives young men the fear…” H.S.T (R.I.P)

(it!) – WAZU – CaveofswordS @ The Heavy Anchor – Nov 15th

My band CaveofswordS is playing with two great bands in a couple weeks and you should come rawkout with us if you’re local. Here’s some info…

Thursday, November 15th @ 9pm $5
The Heavy Anchor presents…

WAZU – Dark Wave / Electro Pop – New York

“The duo in Wazu crafts an almost scary electro-rock with industrial tinges and a pop soul. Their guitar sound alone commands awe, while the overall apop-calyptic mood of their music brings to mind that masterpiece of the 80s that is The The’s “Infected”. -THE DELI NY

CaveofswordS – Electro / Pop / Shoegaze – STL

“CaveofswordS’ sound is a little hard to pin down — there are hypnotic loops, spy-movie guitar licks and a heavy dose of chilled-out ambience in these tracks. But Sunyatta’s vocals refuse to be buried under too much clutter, and her voice becomes the centerpiece of these moody, evocative songs.” C.Schaeffer RFT

(it!) – Dance Rock – STL

“Consisting of Joel Kern on guitar, drums, and vocals and Andrew Bohler on drums and vocals, (it!) puts on a show that has to be seen to be believed. Imagine an alternate reality where Daft Punk used drums and guitars to create catchy dance tracks instead of synths and computers and you’ll have a good idea of (it!) in action.” -KDHX


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